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COVID-19 Space Planning and environment awarness are becoming vital to ensure working within the government guidelines, complience and the health and safety of your workforce is paramount, ensure you are working within the guildlines by demonstrating efficient pro-active planning.

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Site Surveys

We can undertake measured surveys for all or part of any building premises you may need in as much depth as is required for your specific project purpose.

General Building Layout

The building's structural walls and partitions, windows and glazed panels, doors and openings, skylights and ceiling hatches, stairs and lifts, toilet and kitchen/tea prep areas, ceiling heights and overhead beams/obstructions as well as indicating area/room type e.g. reception, toilets, service void etc., are illustarted.

Ceiling & Lighting Layouts

These layouts illustrate the various ceiling types, suspended ceiling grid positions, fire detectors and equipment, fire barriers within ceiling void, overhead beams/obstructions and general ceiling heights.

Electrical Layouts

General positions of sockets, power voice and data outlets are indicated. Full wiring/circuit layouts can be drawn up from Specialist Contractors schematic.

Mechanical Layouts

These drawings illustrate the various building systems within the premises such as Air Conditioning, Heat/Cool System besides specialist items related the the individual Client's business e.g. vacuum, air, power & network supplies.

AC Layouts

Depending on the complexity of the Ceiling & Mechanical Plan often the air conditioning systems are shown on a seperate layout and within the ceiling grid illustarte the general AC and grille positions connected by ducting runs back to condensation units and distribution boxes from Specialist Contractors schematic sketches.

Finishes & Decoration Layouts

Information relating to the existing decoration and flooring finishes would be recorded and indicative hatching applied to denote the various finishes within visual reason.

Furniture & Storage Audits

All the client's existing furniture, storage plus office and warehouse equipment will be surveyed and recorded on the General arrangement Plan illustrating:


  • Overall Size
  • Internal Contents - shelves, hanging / suspension pull out filing, drawers as well as if it is full / half or empty!
  • Operational Status - used, spare or broken.

External Building Elevations

We can survey the existing elevations of your building premises which you may require if refurbishing entrance canopy, signage etc.

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