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COVID-19 Space Planning and environment awarness are becoming vital to ensure working within the government guidelines, complience and the health and safety of your workforce is paramount, ensure you are working within the guildlines by demonstrating efficient pro-active planning.

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CAD Drawings

We are able to produce a complete set of drawings for any or all project stages…


  • ‘As Existing’ Plans          
  • Proposed Plans                
  • ‘As Built’ Plans                  
  • Record Drawings
  • Marketing Plans


These drawings can be produced from information provided by either the Client i.e. existing plans in either paper or electronic format however, before comencing work on any project we would prefer to have undertaken a ‘full’ or at least a 'check' site survey ourselves to ensure that the plans are accurate e.g. no walls etc., have been removed since these were draughted and to scale.


We can produce a set of building / office plans which can encompass any or all of the following:

General Arrangement Layout

Illustrates building outline together with furniture, storage and equipment in its current configuration. Notes relating to current decoration and flooring finishes would also be incorporated.

Ceiling & Lighting Layout

Ceiling Heights, Beams and overhead obstructions, Light Fittings, PIRs and Switches, AC and Grilles, Fire Detection, Fire Alarm and Extinguishers would be shown.

Mechanical & Electrical Layout

Depending on the complexity of the information several separate plans may be produces e.g.

  • ‘Mechanical Plan’ - illustrating various systems e.g. vacuum, air,
  • ‘Electrical Plan’     - power, voice, data & other network supplies
  • ‘Air Conditioning’ - illustrating units within ceiling grid as applicable with indicative ducting and power runs for detailed information provided by Clients’ Specialist Contractor.
  • ‘Plumbing Services’ – a separate layout illustrating water and waste runs can by produced with the information provided by Clients’ Specialist Contractor.

Fire Plan & Fire Zone Layout

Positions of all fire detectors and their specific types, fire alarm and prevention systems, firefighting equipment e.g. types of extinguishers, fire blankets, fire barriers within ceiling voids currently located within the premise.


We can produce separate ‘Fire Plan' or update existing ‘Fire Zone’ Plans for your records with information provided by Clients’ Specialist Contractor which would illustrate addresses of each point and individual 'zone' areas either hatched in different colours or areas denoted in a thick 'red' boundardy line - all down to the Client's personal preference.

Finishes & Decoration Layout

Information relating to the decoration, flooring and other product finishes would be scheduled and flooring features indicated by coloured hatching in plan format.


External elevations of your building premises which you may require if refurbishing entrance canopy, proposing external signage etc.

Design Details

Plans, elevations, sections, axonometric and isometric views relating to specific items and concept design features e.g. Reception Desks, Boardroom Tables and Media Walls, Display and Presentation Areas, Breakout Areas etc. which assists subcontractors in costing and producing their own shop fitting construction details.

Miscellaneous Plans

OFten Client's have requirements for plans to illustrate other purposes which we are more than happy to assist with for instance...


  • Departmental Area Ownership Layouts

For Client’s internal managerial use to illustrate the areas individual departmental teams currently occupy.

  • Car Parking

Often to improve parking access and increase quantity of car parking bays or just for informative purposes in multi occupancy parking within business parks.

  • Waste Management

These plans are usually required by our Clients when they are looking to put forward a proposal to their Landlord to utilize part of their building’s car parking bays or grounds.

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