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COVID-19 Space Planning and environment awarness are becoming vital to ensure working within the government guidelines, complience and the health and safety of your workforce is paramount, ensure you are working within the guildlines by demonstrating efficient pro-active planning.

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Once initial site surveys and furniture audits have been carried out of your business premises or new premises you were considering relocating to, we can identify if there is…


  • specific constraints and complexities inherent to the existing premises
  • insufficient available space
  • premises is fundamentally inappropriate for your company’s current needs
  • unused / inappropriate furniture and storage contributing to the latter
  • outmoded information handling systems
  • inadequate facilities for staff including designing for the disabled
  • individual and departmental operational issues
  • areas of concern relating to health and safety


This can be illustrated in block diagram format and initial Strategic Space Planning can highlight proposals to


  • Improve Interdepartmental Relationships / Resolving Any Issues
  • Improve Personnel Time Efficiency
  • Eliminate Current Wasted / ‘Dead Space’
  • Improve Furniture Layout
  • Improve Circulation Space
  • Creation of Areas for Expansion

Feasibility Studies

Client's have on occasions required indepth research studies and documented reports which we are more than happy to oblige however, mostly these findings are usually discussed in a Client Meeting where we all review the Existing Plans upon which we've highlighted these potential areas of concern.

Strategic Space Planning

After carefully reviewing all the recorded information from our Site Survey and Briefing some Clients wish to first produce initial 'Block Diagrams' to show:


  • existing space each Team occupies
  • proposals of how the Teams could be reconfigured to improve occupancy and effeciency.


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